About the author

Jack L Marsch was born in May 1975 in Budapest. He went through the school system with the 'talented but lazy' epithet that was the result of boredom and an overactive imagination.

Ever since he can remember he has been driven by the desire to create stories and scenes and it was the graphic art that he first turned his attention. When he realized that the static nature of lines and color on paper expressed only fleeting moments of tension that did not lend themselves to the crafting of more detailed scenarios and characters, he decided to turn his attentions to creative writing as an outlet for the ideas that waxed and waned within him.

Although it was in his early twenties when he felt an urge to write in the fantasy genre that finally led him to complete his first (unpublished) novel, yet life led him towards a more grounded path through his studies at the Budapest Collage of Communication and later his business career.

The niggling feeling that there was something more waiting to be given reign, never fully disappeared, and after many years of waiting, false starts, embryonic ideas and frustrated pondering in 2011 the themes and plots for 'Poles of Enforcement' began to take shape.


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