Jeff Hayes

Jeff inevitably has a strong and a weak side, and between them his headstrong and stubborn behavior stretches that rift. When he is able to focus and get things together then he certainly achieve anything. In this case, the spiritual force in him is almost tangible.

His ability to control events is unrivaled and when he gets going, no-one can stop him. His traits of situation recognition and strategy development make him destined for leadership.

However, if he sinks down to his weaker side, he become more miserable than anyone else around him. In this case his willpower disappears and is replaced by frustrated whining. His friends, Patricia and Archer see that his nature leaves no room for the middle ground. He will either become a “general” or a castaway from society.

Fortunately, the offer from ASEC arrived in time for him to leave behind his weak side, for good.



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