Sean Steersman

The leader of ASEC and founder of Excolopolis quickly acquired a reputation for inventing novel technologies that went far beyond the age. He emerged from virtually nowhere and bounded onto the world stage with the introduction of negative gravity technology that caused many branches of industry to go belly up, so it was little wonder that his disappearance was hoped for by many...

He had an exceptional mental capacity and always suspected that something may have happened in his first thirty years that was erased from his memory.

Besides this capacity, his character is remarkable, essentially discrepant, but also an unflinching judge of truth which often creates moral dilemmas in issues that others wouldn't dare to stir. The changes that the new technology has engendered are painful and hurt many interests, causing first indignation and later reluctance, but as time goes the picture becomes clear and acceptance follows.

His energetic nature gains him unwanted attention and his constant inexplicable vigilance gives food for gossip, because his face betrays no sign of the life he is living.



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