Story of the city (beginning)

The city was situated on a 200 square kilometer block of private land that Sean Steersman had so unprecedentedly bought from one of the member states of the United Nations of Europe in 2072. The land came with some rather unusual privileges. It did not count as a separate state, neither was it private property. It was a sort of modern province within the territory of the UNE.

City planning took almost two years and the first ground work took place in 2073. From this time on the city existed in a state of constant flux as construction companies began to build its territorial districts: business district, commercial district, international district, sports district, residential areas, parks and lakes.

The city name was registered in 2074 as Excolopolis, as a reference to the meaning of the latin word: improve and honor. At that time its official population was one: the founder.

From the fall of 2074, after much lobbying by Sean Steersman, the first R&D companies appeared and moved into the new and revolutionary buildings. The city provided an environment and services that guaranteed cost reductions, and an environmental footprint could effectively be reduced to zero.

In the year 2075 he handed over development issues to Karen Colella, who became the cities most important official after Steersman himself.



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