Dark Core Gravity

DCG in short. Sean Steersman's first invention using anti-gravity technology. The DCG sphere is built from an unknown dark material. The material has a strong reaction to directed electrical energy and becomes active which means that the core of the material starts circulating at incredibly high speeds and generates a strong negative gravity field. The material has an orange glow that emanates in active state and radiates through the shell, but the molten core can not break out of it.

The DCG drive that is made using this sphere has a special layer that is able to contain the antigravity force, thus allowing it to be controlled. It works with lamellae which help it move in the desired direction and at the appropriate speed.

The force of the antigravity field is subjected to several factors. Firstly it's the size of the sphere that matters, then the rotational speed of the core, and finally the density of the material or its mass. Increasing the size has an upper limit which still can be applied under circumstances on Earth.

Movement of vehicles built with DCG drives differs from the ordinary combustion engine powered vehicles.

Environmental effects of the DCG antigravity field are not harmful. It is quiet and does not generate any strong air currents.

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