Short Reaction Targetware

These are fast reacting targeting devices, or S.R.T. That, no matter what their outer appearance is, all have the same job: to complete one carefully defined task within the shortest period of time.

Their communication language is quite advanced enough to allow them to perform complex operations with one statement.

Each has the capability, at deployment, of carrying out a command and achieving a fixed goal. Once that goal has been achieved, the device returns to its original position.

They are not constantly active as their directive applies only for a short period of time, until it has been carried out.

These machines don't have long term memory or learning processes. When giving them instructions, there is a certain amount of information given to them regarding the conditions required for them to best carry out their duties. When the mission has been completed and the perceptions and experiences gained during the performance of the mission have been uploaded to the CCI system, the order statement is completed.

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