Poles of Enforcement by Jack L Marsch

Excolopolis, Poles of Enforcement by Jack L Marsch


Author: Jack L Marsch
Title: Poles of Enforcement
Series: Excolopolis
Volume: No.1
Language: English
Genre: Science fiction
ISBN-10: 1494885751
ISBN-13: 978-1494885755
eBook file size: 2637 Kb
Paperback: 426 pages



"Steersman, as always, planned for the future. In his mind, events that were yet to come, all appeared as if he was viewing them in the past. He went further than that, mentally viewing not only time but also space." 

There's always been something unusual about him, but the alienness is just the surface. He practically appears out of nowhere and is to head into dangerous waters when he presents the antigravity device for the world to see.

The Dark Core Gravity sphere is based on an unnatural technology, which originates from a place that no one can ever imagine. Nobody is aware of him being in possession of a place created from a source beyond comprehension. An intangible place which is moved by supra-photon radiation making energy with full of information. In real life, a frightening power takes shape from it and it gives birth to terrifying dilemmas, by which humanity – based on its historical experiences – reflexively wince. As it turns out, that is to give mankind an entirely new turn to become more... trustworthy. 

Sean Steersman's story is escorted by many starting off for the lure of money, then by more for the renaissance of the clear mind, and by one for an unsurpassable love.